Expo-Rigging returns to the Barcelona Automobile Trade Fair

For Expo-Rigging the event of the show has been another challenge to face, since the exhibition space was occupied until the day before by the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. We required an effort from our riggers, who have managed to dismantle the previous fair in record time in order to leave the halls prepared for the assembly of the Automobile Trade Fair.

In just one night, Expo-Rigging has managed to dismantle the previous fair and install more than 621 rigging points, of which 291 points with electric chain hoists. In total, more than 441 meters of truss have been mounted for electrical and audiovisual installations.

It is also worth highlighting the installation work of the total blackout of the exhibition space, thus preventing the entry of sunlight into the room. Pavilion 1 and 2 of the exhibition spaces of Montjuic were completely isolated from natural light, allowing cars to shine and be the only protagonists of the fair.

With a hundred years of history, the Motor Show is undoubtedly the largest event in the automotive sector in the world, since it is the fair with the most brands present in the exhibition. It has 45 brands and has 150,000 square meters of surfaces to cover.

Two main spaces stand out at the fair:

  • the Motor Show, where the different automotive brands present the technological novelties of the sector. This year the electric car has been the main protagonist of the exhibition, where several brands have presented their latest models in the market. There were also important developments in the field of road safety, such as cars connected via Internet to avoid accidents or cars with automatic driving.
  • the Connected Street, a space designed to know the technological novelties in the security sector. The various levels of automation of driving were presented, both at the private car level and at the level of public transport. According to the presented novelties, in the near future we will have cities with “intelligent” roads, connected to avoid incidents and traffic agglomerations.